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It’s in Your DNA!

I’m entering into full Manifestation Mode (MM) for this year. Determined that I will complete and publish my first novel, come what may. Well, not really no matter what, I want to do a good job of it and give it my all, I am determined that it will be this year! Being motivated is …

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Why do I write?

The simple answer to this question is that I cannot not write. From the early age of around five years young i thought it was a good time to write my biography. Of course, i did not get very far, only having lived a few short years, I didn’t have much to say. Except for …

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Time Slipping in my own time

 One of my specialties is in providing Past Life Regressions for people who think, or are curious about being reincarnated. I enjoy this, not only am I good at it, i am also fascinated with time travel and the timeline continuum. As a kid growing up in the days of black and white TV, I …

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Sands of time

SOUNDS OF TIME Running from an unknown source, running, running, boys and girls keep running, Waves, they climb the shore, even and steady with great ease and graceful dexterity. Screaming louder as they turn, and see what they don’t know is all around them. Screaming, screaming, wild children running Where they know not to go. Sounds of …

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