Sands of time


Running from an unknown source,
running, running, boys and girls keep running,
Waves, they climb the shore, even and steady
with great ease and graceful dexterity.

Screaming louder as they turn, and see
what they don’t know is all around them.
Screaming, screaming, wild children running
Where they know not to go.

Sounds of time have found a heart.
A victim of her memory’s own mind.
Reminiscence coming through.
Running, running all the way, all the time.

Staircase ends abruptly.
Winding, ceases to climb, but narrow,
wider, higher, smaller shadows
crawl into their hideaway.

Figures familiar, yet knowingly
they take her by surprise.
Running, always running everywhere,
nowhere and all around.

Dead ends abruptly cease
the corners of the world.
The cage opens and fear lets out,
A jump, and then she falls
Flying, watching, down below
at the children playing in the sand.

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