Happy New Year 2019

Well here we are, one year short of 2020. It is the tenth day of the first month of the nineteenth year of the new millennium. Welcome to my new world. I have changed my blog, my website. I am In the midst of change. Change comes with experience. It comes with age. It comes …

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Thmeline Intoduction

Have you ever wondered if you had lived before? Been reincarnated to another time or place? Perhaps you were a colonist in early America or experiencing the Great Fire of London. Maybe you were born in the Indonesian foot hills, or better yet – in down town Pompei. What if there really is life on …

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Nano July 2018 Day 4

Today is my birthday. Yes, 4th July. I was born in a troubled time, but that is for another story. I am plodding on with this Camp Nano. Determined to complete the target at least of 50k words this month. I reached over the 4.5k words. It is a great feeling to know I can …

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NANO July 2018 Day 3.

It is Tuesday, day 3 and I haven’t added any more of my novel since Sunday. At least I began. I looked at it yesterday and deducted words from it. It still remains at a little over 1k words. I am disappointed with myself for not keeping to the 2k words a day. It is …

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Some People Crawl to Pubs We crawl to Bookshops

Thanks to my friend Kate Kenzie for her post on BookTowns. It brought some treasured memories to me. I would love to share them with you today.     Way back when I was a youngster my father introduced me to the all children’s favourite Little Golden Books. I can remember a beautiful set of hardbacked …

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Go on – Spoil Yourself and Self Indulge

Thanks to my friend – Emma’s blog post this week I want to reiterate that it is ok to spoil yourself and self indulge in any activity that inspires or entices you to live instead of merely existing. One of my mother’s favourite phrases when I was growing up was  “I’m vegetating”. Being young at …

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To Write Tap or Just Observe When Out and About

Following from my good friend, Pauline Connolly’s post today… I too love to write when I am out and about. I always take my notebook with me. This is why my handbag is never just a handbag for essentials. It contains all of my essentials. A notebook is one of the main ones. Since I was …

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This ANZAC day 2018

Well, it is finally here, once more. ANZAC day 2018. I have been dreading it. Looking forward to it not. I am confused. I am here in Spirit. With another – a like-minded soul. She is here, all around me. She is my embodiment. My cover. I am here in Australia, she calls it Oz. …

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Harry The Biker

Once upon a time there was a land called Down Under. This land came to be known by its residents as the Land of Oz. Then there was the Mother Land, so called for its colonial association with its child like colonies that were formed, most often through penal colonies way back in the dim …

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On These Pages

Greg and myself have travelled half way around this huge wonderful country of ours Australia following the Gem, Mineral and Lapidary Shows from January to December each year. On our way around, we have met some fascinating people we can only describe as the salt of the earth type people. Characters from the great Aussie …

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