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I’m Looking at my Last Year’s Christmas Cards

Yes, I am one of those people who puts them on the venetian blinds. Only trouble is, I haven’t bothered to take them down, much less given any thought to putting them into the recycle bin at the local Coles, or Woolworths. Come to think of it, they probably don’t keep those bins all year around, so I shall have to just put them into my own recycle bin for paper and hope they see the light of day in the big Christmas Card turn around in the sky.

I don’t know about you, but I always loved receiving cards. Every birthday, Easter, Christmas, Get well, or just because. The fun of tearing the envelope open and putting out the card to read it, before opening it up and seeing the verse inside. Even better when it was a card signed by many just to let me know they were all thinking of me.

These days, having someone type up “happy birthday” on your facebook page instead of going to the trouble of sending you a beautifully thought and sort after card is just not the same. Oh yes, it is wonderful to scroll down the page and see all your friends reminding you it is that time of year again. However, are they simply responding to the prompt reminder that the Facebook app has given them and decided “oh it is Sandy’s birthday today, I’d better go by and say happy birthday” it all seems so crass and ho hum. Although I must say, I still secretly want to see how many of my friends do this every year.

I’m looking at the number of cards that are still on my venetian blind in my office. There are nine cards. I know there are another three that are missing, that I still have sitting on my table in my shop. How the numbers have dwindled over the years. It is not that I receive less greetings, mind you, it is simply that most of them arrive electronically, even as texts. Are we all becoming so lazy?

What prompted me to think about these cards (apart from the fact that my last year’s cards are a constant reminder) is that I recently had the opportunity to give a get well soon card to a friend. I wanted everyone who was anyone to sign it, but thought I should stick to the people she knows and not just have anyone, for the sake of it. Before I knew what happened, the card was crammed full of signatures and get well wishes by people excited to be sending her their thoughts. Yet how many of them had even thought to do the same? Oh well, it is a good thing that she received one card that was signed by many instead of many cards signed by one.

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