Beauty and Candy and Sandy Make Three

Beauty and Candy and Sandy make threeWow, this takes me back some. You can see it is an old pic. I think it was scanned from a  polaroid, actually. Yes, they even had black and white polaroid film back in those days!

Sadly both Beauty and Candy are no longer with us as that photo was taken over three decades ago! I won’t go any further else you will guess my age! LOL

Beauty is the one trying to take HER ball out of my hand. It was about the size of a cricket ball and almost as hard. If it hit you, you’d end up bruised for weeks! The great thing about this ball was, that it was vanilla scented and Beauty kept nibbling away at it and spitting out the bits. She was smart enough not to swallow the bits, though not smart enough not to keep the ball away from Candy.

The thing about this ball was that Beauty was well and truly addicted to it. We had to throw it, bounce it, hide it, and play with it. All day long if we had the stamina.

You can see in the gallery that she is mesmerised by something in the bin. Well, we were being particularly mean to her and put her precious ball into the bin, then sat back and took photos of the unfolding drama. Needless to say, Beauty went quite mad and when that happened she often got snappy at the frustration of not being able to retrieve said ball. Then Candy came along, after watching the whole crisis, put one paw on the edge of the bin, tipped it over and Voila! Out rolled the ball and Beauty was finally appeased!


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