It’s Spring time again 2015. That means Wisteria and Jacaranda come to bloom. The colours are simply gorgeous. The Wisteria always reminds me of purple popcorn. You know, the sort you used to be able to buy in those tapered plastic bags done up at the top. Yeah, the ones you used to get at every local town fair. I remember looking longingly at the bunches of them hanging from the traders’ tents at the fair. Year after year. i would go along and get my purple popcorn. Then one day, it stopped. No more fair, no more purple popcorn. Am i showing my age, here?

Well, as i was saying above, it is Spring time again and that means i have my own gallery of purple popcorn showing in the guise of Wisteria and jacaranda. Yes, all through the Valley there is Jacaranda blooming in bright vivid purple. All through the city there is Wisteria flowering, blossoming over front school wire fences, trellises, over grown garden hedges and more. Ours is blossoming over our beautiful old Jacaranda tree in our back yard.

It is so beautiful at this time of the year, I just like to sit on the back steps and watch it snowing with purple blooms of Wisteria or Jacaranda. The ever green grass growing high on the ground is soon to be smothered with purple snow drops which tramples the most determined of grass leaves. Pretty soon it will be awash of colour and the bees will be swarming around the delicate flowers hanging beneath the massive Jacaranda canopy.

Ahhh…what bliss it is to sit in the peace and tranquility, contemplating the coming summer. The heat of the day is soon upon me. I am one of those delicate flowers and must seek the shelter of the cool and tranquil room that is mine. But as I sit at my desk and look out onto the world, I see the purple popcorn hanging so deliciously from the Jacaranda tree.

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