Spring Fever

Well, it is certainly Spring time  and the August winds we usually see at the end of Winter are coming enroute to a home near you and I.
I have been in the sick bed for a couple of weeks now and going stir crazy.If it isn’t the coughing and spluttering, it is the dripping nose and the temperature. Not much fun at all.
I sit up in bed, propped with a minimum of three large pillows behind me at any one time. I listen to the winds howling through the trees outside and know that the ground is not keeping the moisture of Spring in its soil. The garden desperately needs watering, which means Greg will  have to go and brave the elements to encourage the new growth after the dormancy of the Winter chills.
I have one dog on either side of me, keeping me comforted and being my protectors. This means that they will growl and bark at anything that moves. The monsters have excellent hearing. I reckon they could hear a pin drop on the carpeted floor.
I whille away the endless hours trying to get some wifi for my android that is two rooms away. The best i can get is a few short minutes on Facebook before it stops working and the signal drops out yet agaain. There seems little going on social networks during the day.. Same people, same sharing, same non-conversations. I switch it off, folid it away and lay down for some more slumber.
Ho-hum, another hour to pass peacefully.



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