Holidays for Every Season

My mother just recently embarked on a holiday for twelve weeks! That’s three months, or one whole, entire season! She left for a warmer climate. It will be much warmer. I am happy for her. It is just that I am a tad jealous also.

Holidays are wonderful times of adventure and relaxation. Times where one can laugh and play and not have to cook or do other boring house-hold chores. Ahhh…I so long to have a holiday.

Our last holiday was a very short affair.About ten years ago, we had booked a cottage in the beautiful Hunter Valley region. It came complete with a pool and we could even take our beautiful dog, Heidi with us. How great is that! We had been working seven days a week for the past two years or so and were so looking forward to this one holiday. The only thing we weren’t looking forward to was the heat. We just had one whole week away between Christmas and New Year before it was back to work again for another seven days for three more months.

When we arrived, we were a little disappointed to see this cottage being so close to the owner’s home. It was separated by the pool which, presumably, was shared – us with them! But the biggest disappointment happened when we walked inside the little cottage and found to our dismay one long cupboard, a very small microwave, a small bar fridge, with an equally small half freezer in it. One sandwich griller with a hot plate on top and no kitchen sink. All of that was explained away as “The Kitchen”

When we complained about how insignificant everything was, we were told there were hotels, pubs, cafes and restaurants only a few kilometres away where we could get lunch and dinner. Upon telling them yet again that we had specifically asked if there was a kitchen in the cottage, she said “Of course there is. We put everything in it that we would like to have when we went away on holidays”

“Hmmn” I thought to myself “They must say in motels all the time and not cook for themselves. No sence of adventure at all ” We were lost. Oh, we had brought our own electric saucepan and fry pan with us, after years of travelling around and finding little tin pot excuses for cooking facilities. But disappointment turned to dismay when we were told we had the bathroom liittle half sink to wash a monster of a frypan in! Not to mention all the dinner plates, cups and saucers and what ever other utensils we may use to eat with. We were not very happy with this at all.

Well, we didn’t stay very long there, just a few hours before the owner came out with our cheque, handed it back and said “I think you’d be better off going some place else” and turned around and left. We packed up the few belongings we had unpacked and bundled the dog back into the van and away we went. We arrived back home around 5.00pm that day and cooked ourselves a proper meal. We decided that when we were on holidays, there was no place sweeter than home!

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