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Mikaila’s night of terror

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Mikaila is a little blonde girl is wandering upon the Earth. Her father is a God, who is also wandering upon the Earth. Her mother is unknown in her whereabouts. So, Mikaila is wandering upon the Earth when suddenly there is a violent shaking, upheaval of The Earth.  Steam is shooting up from within The Earth. From many  vents in the ground. There is a huge eruption of a volcano close by.  Lava spews forth from this eruption, yet it cannot be seen. . The stink of sulphur is everywhere. She runs, running from an invisible threat. A threat that she feels, though cannot see. Even though she feels, she can see a dark shadow racing toward her. The energy is strong and she is suffering from abject fear.

Suddenly there are people around They have high sloping foreheads, tanned skin and are wearing some kind of furry skin on their bodies. They are running, frantically running as the Earth continues to grumble, rumble and spew forth lava. Hot boulders are being coughed from the Earth, along with fire, gas, and steam. The people are running in every which way. Here, there and everywhere. Screaming, shouting, terror stricken souls. Like lemmings, some run into the source of danger, instead of away.

Mikaila has a flimsy white cloth dressing her. It appears as a length of cloth wrapped around the lower part of her body and then brought up to throw over her shoulder. It is frayed and disheveled as she continues to run, trying to avoid the strange people that have appeared in her midst.

Suddenly the word “lion” is heard in her head. It comes to her loud and clear. She is now frantic with fear as she runs, turning left, then right, then left again. She trips and falls into a hole in the ground. It is a shallow hole, or mini cave. Enough room for her to squat down and still see what is going on above the ground.

The stench of the sulphur is everywhere. She tries blocking it out with her forearm pressing tightly against her nose. Her vivid blue eyes are opened wide with fear. She has no idea where her parents are. She has not seen these people before, although she knows them as ‘the others”

Suddenly there is a sonic boom heard in the air. It is so loud, it vibrates through her skin and shakes her body. She falls to the floor of this mini cave. A huge furry paw with large claws comes down the hole and swipes over her baire thighs. She feels the force of it as the claws drag through her skin. In the distance she hears a large growl. The furry paw disappears from sight and she gets up on her knees to look out of the cave for the source of the growling.

Mikaila stands with mouth agape as she sees another little blonde girl who looks like the mirror image of herself. The girl is cowering with her arms over her head. Her whole body shaking from abject fear. She looks to the right of the girl and sees a huge mastiff of a bear standing upright and flailing its arms around in the air. Roaring with anger at this little girl cowering at its feet.

In an instant, there comes another roar of anger. This time, it is coming from immediately behind the bear, which turns in anger and roars. The volume of the roars is so loud that it vibrates in the ears of both these girls. The second bear-like creature stands tall against the furry bear. It extends itself, stretching high in the air so that it looks like it is even taller than the furry bear. It gives out a loud, chilling, roar of anger. The furry bear bends down to the ground taking a swipe at the little girl’s bare thigh. She can feel the claws dragging through her flesh. She screams, blood curdling in fright. The furry bear runs off to the left and past Mikaila, now standing tall within the mini cave.

Both animals have disappeared. Mikaila looks over to the other little blonde girl. There is now a tall bear standing majestic before her.  She lets out a blood curdling roar of superiority. Then lifts her arms up to her head to reveal her true self. A beautiful blonde woman with dark tanned skin and long flowing hair stands tall and proud. She had been wearing a large bear skin which covered her face and most of her body. It made her appear as though she were a bear herself.

The woman picked up the little girl who was now a blubbering mess at her feet. She comforted the little girl and stood her up, staying with her until the tears had stopped. She reached behind her and pulled out another skin. This time a smaller version of the bear skin, to place over the young girl.

The young girl stopped her crying and straightened up, allowing the white cloth which had been covering her body, fall to the ground. She was now naked  under the bear skin. Pulling the skin around her body, she came to resemble a bear herself.

The woman disappeared from sight. Right before Mikala’s eyes. She watched as the other girl walked away to the right and into the shadows of the night until she could be seen no more.

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