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Time Slipping in my own time

 One of my specialties is in providing Past Life Regressions for people who think, or are curious about being reincarnated. I enjoy this, not only am I good at it, i am also fascinated with time travel and the timeline continuum. As a kid growing up in the days of black and white TV, I would be glued to the box, as my mother called it, on a Tuesday evening watching Star Trek. Every once in a while the time continuum would shift and all kinds of weird and wonderful things would happen.
It wasn’t long before I began to think in similar terms. What would happen if I could go back to the past? To the beginning of my life and change everything. Be good instead of bad. Hold my temper in check, instead of letting it out and become a red hot seething mass of emotions that took hours to subside. To choose this path instead of the other. Oh, so many decisions. So many different paths lay open to me with different options. Why, oh why had I chosen what I did, instead of the better path?
Hindsight, being twenty-twenty is always a good way to reflect on the past. What we did and what we, perhaps ought to have done are two different choices. Which brings me now to an idea that has been revolving in my head for ages, yet it had no foundations….until now!
What if I were to wake up one morning with my beautiful and soft tabby cat sitting upon my breast while I lay sleeping in the quiet of the morning. Allowing the sun to enter my room, streaming ever so softly and filtering through the slats of the venetian blinds. Upon awakening, I would look around the room, slowly coming to the realisation that this room is not the room I remembered when I last went to bed. (Hey, it seemed that this happened only last night, after all..)
Everything else seems to be the same, however it isn’t. I am in a different house. I pick up my tabby and notice she has the same collar on she always did. A gold filigree round collar that does up by clipping around her neck, leaving plenty of space for her to breathe and manoeuvre herself if and when she needs to. It has 24 white diamante stones  in three rows in the front. This is to discern her as a queen of cats. She always looks so regal, even though she had come to me as a wet, skinny, bedraggled looking runt! Over the years, she had been fattened with regular treats of chicken, skin and bones, prime beef and lamp chops. In fact, if it was meat and sitting on the kitchen bench top, or on the dining room table, she reckoned it was fair game. More than once did I miss a meal because of her thievery!
So now, I wandered to the living room, looking around me as I went. Strangely, everything seemed to be opposite what I was used to. The dining room table was on the left hand side instead of the right hand side. The windows were on the wrong end. I would have said the back end instead of the front end. I walked up to the window and pushed the curtain away to spy through. There was frost on the grass and I had a car in the driveway!
I had a car? That’s preposterous! I can’t drive!
The thought of owning a car, much less driving one was crazy. If I could drive…why…I could go anywhere my heart desired. I wouldn’t have to wait for the bus to come, or worry about missing the bus! I could just hop in the car, switch it on, and back out the driveway to my new destination!
And shopping would be a breeze! I could now do my grocery shopping all at once. On the same day and bring it all home. No more worries about deliveries being late, lying in the sun on the verandah…
Oh my, this was a whole lot to take in. It was very exciting. Exhilarating even as more thoughts came racing across my mind. I simply must get dressed and go out….
Get dressed? I let go of my pampered moggy and looked down at what I was wearing. It seemed that my night attire was quite conservative. Old and conservative. I wonder what my clothes are like, I thought. Curious, I ran back into the bedroom and stood at the large heavy wardrobe in front of me. I stared at the girth of it, suddenly amazed that it was so big. There were two of them of equal size, side by side. They took up pretty much the whole wall space. I looked up to the ceiling and..yes, they were only inches from the ceiling. Two large doors on each one. Two large heavy looking drawers at the bottom of those doors. Two smaller doors at the top of each set of doors. Well, I thought, I was always complaining that I ran out of storage space in my old house.
My old house….
What am I thinking? This can’t be happening! This just cannot be happening!
I flung open both doors of the right h and robe and saw men’s clothing. Men’s trousers, shorts, shirts, jackets, suits…yes they were all there. A full man’s robe. I checked out the drawers at the bottom. Underwear! Pants, Jock straps, singlets….did I see Jock straps? I picked one up and held it high in front of me. Oh my, what am i married to?
Married? I panicked! I didn’t remember that I was married! I certainly wasn’t married last night. I slowly brought my left hand up to the door handle. Arrggh! I was wearing a wedding ring! What is happening to me? I swore I would never get married after James treated me so badly.
What will I do now?

Writer * Reader * Seer I love to write - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to read - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to look and gaze into my crystal ball to see what the future holds. But know that once the powers that be are set in their track, anything can happen from then on.

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