It’s in Your DNA!

I’m entering into full Manifestation Mode (MM) for this year. Determined that I will complete and publish my first novel, come what may. Well, not really no matter what, I want to do a good job of it and give it my all, I am determined that it will be this year!

Being motivated is the easy part. At the end of the day, it is possible for me to become famous. Well known even. As an author, I mean. I have been writing for so long, that half of my life has gone without me realising it and I have no completed novel to show for it, much less to have a published one

So this year is it. I have just watched this video you see below and decided that this is the right time. It was probably the right time 30 years ago when I was happily ensconced with broadening my horizons and writing short stories, recording my Dreams and Visions as well as typing out all of my poetry onto “proper paper”.

I have no lack of ideas, you see. I believe that I have always been a writer, am a writer and will always be a writer. It is just that I happen to be one of the world’s greatest procrastinators of all time. This has been a part of my problem. A big part, in fact. The other part of my problem is I lack the inclination, the drive to make it in the real world.?

Way back then, thirty years ago, I was involved in the publishing industry. I made enquiries as to having my poetry published. Well, the looks said it all, however when the words came out, tinged with the slightest touch of mirth, I knew it was a lost cause. “Do you know anyone famous?” I was asked. “No” “Well, you could try skylarking on a football field, or pose for Playboy magazine”

Lovely, it was a lost cause because i didn’t know anyone famous. i needed to find a way to get myself well known. Somehow, I knew if I put my nose to the grind stone, something would come up. It didn’t and, although I now know rich and famous people, and happen to be reasonably well known in my own circles, it is not quite the same thing. I lost my inclination way back then. Now I am picking it up and carrying it.

Why am i persisting? It is in My DNA. As the video below shows us all. It is what I do. It is who I am. I am a writer. I am an author. As I wrote on all my friend’s shirts at the end of school, I am the budding authoress  coming to her own. I will make it. I will shine. I will accomplish my destinial path. To become a Writer of some Renown.

Watch this video and tell me what it is that YOU do.


Writer * Reader * Seer I love to write - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to read - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to look and gaze into my crystal ball to see what the future holds. But know that once the powers that be are set in their track, anything can happen from then on.

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