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I know – it is not the done thing to separate the cards for readings. You just don’t get a balanced reading when you do these things….but do you?

When I was first beginning to read my Tarot cards, I used to do these kind of things. I wanted to get to know my cards and what they could do for me as a reader. I would split them up and use the different sections for different readings. Of course, I couldn’t always tell you what section I would use when as all my readings are intuitive.

But when I started using the Major Arcana only for readings, I was amazed at how accurate they are. Considering there are only 22 of these cards, and these are the MAJOR cards. They are pretty important in any reading and don’t just show up unless they are to be effective. So to do a reading solely based on them is a bit weird, right?

Well, let’s explore…

Cheryl wants to know about her new career move. She is still hanging onto the last job, although she has taken long service leave, she has not told her current employer that she is planning to leave to become her own boss. She has some reservations and twitters in her stomach about leaving. She has been there for over 20 years. However she finally has come to realise that she can go out on her own and be happier than working for a boss. Now she just wants to know how successful it will be, especially in the beginning.

So, with no further ado, I separate the Major Arcana from the rest of the deck of cards.

All 22 cards of the Major Arcana

Then I fan them out in readiness to select the cards for my client, keeping in mind her question regarding her new career move.

Then I fan them out in readiness to select my cards

As the first part of my reading is going to be a Past, Present and future spread I only need select three cards. These I lay out one next to the other.

  • So the first card I lay out (on the left) is the Past. This card (The Hermit) tells me how she felt about her career in the past. Even how it affected her and her life. Obviously, she wasn’t that happy and felt some isolation with her work colleagues. Perhaps even a feeling of being left out on most counts of her working day.
  •  The second card (Wheel of Fortune)  relates to her current situation. She is still employed, though on long service leave. So the card shows how she feels about this situation and how it is affecting her. It is telling us that she is feeling happy, successful and on top of the world. That financially, everything is going well for her.
  • Finally the third card (Death) is in connection to her future career choice. How she feels about the choice she has made and how it will affect her life. As you can see it doesn’t look good at the beginning of the outcome. However, the Death card also tells us that the end of her career as she knows it has come. Now we need some more detail.
Past – Present – Future Spread

However, all is not lost here as I now lay down a selection of five cards. These cards are the main reading to see what lies ahead for her with her new career choice. It is also a good spread for divining more detailed information so she can understand with more clarity.

In this spread, I have laid out the cards in this order:


  1. The first card is the top in the middle This represents my client – looking forward toward her new career path. The Chariot tells us that she is on the move, looking for a vehicle to bring her happiness in life as well as success.
  2. The second card is the one nearer to the middle card on the left. This card is representative of my client’s feelings regarding her current career, and the role she plays within. As the Hierophant shows up, it is telling me that she is in charge. A leader in her path. As she is a woman in her 40’s she is not yet ready to retire. Nor does she feel like she has reached the end of her options.
  3. The third card is the one nearer to the middle card on the right. This card represents how it has affected her overall in her life. How it is still affecting her in her life. *It is here that we begin to receive a hint about the end solution to her question. The Justice card is telling us, with a little bite, I may add, that it is about time she has thoughts of leaving her current position. She is due for a different path. It is almost overtime.
  4. The fourth card is the one furthest from the middle card on the left. This card reflects how her new career path will affect her. Will she be happy, feel fulfilled, and reach her goals with this new career path? The Strength card tells me that she has what it takes to take on her own company. To become self employed will give her strength. That she has the inner strength to rise to the task.
  5. The fifth card is the one furthest from the middle card on the right. This card will give her the best answer to her question as it is the last card to be looked at and is effectively, the bottom line. Will it work, will she be successful. So having the Lovers card show up at the end says she is totally compatible with this new career path. It promises to be a good move. It is the right decision.
So here we have the bottom line with some details filled in to support the bottom line. A short two section / 8 card reading using only the Major Arcana cards of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.
Feel free to comment at the end of this article. Do you agree / disagree? What are your feelings on the cards that were selected regarding Cheryl’s question?

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