The Abundance of God is My Infinite Source

Day 2 of my Manifestation Drive.

The Abundance of God is My Infinite Source.

I am a firm believer in God. I am a firm believer in the God Source being the heart and soul of all that there is and all that there is not. If anything is going to come from anywhere, it is going to come from the God Source which is the infinite source of all.

Whether you believe religiously, or spiritually is up to you. How or what you believe in is also up to you. To me, I see the majesty that is. I see the God Source in everything. In my daily life, in my association with friends and family. Even in my pets. I see it at home, out in the world as a whole, and then into the extension of life that is called collectively The Universe.

Many of us “put out there” to receive, to let it be known, to have and receive acknowledgement that what we are doing is known to one and all. So to, am I “putting out there” to manifest what I desire. It has been a slow journey, fraught with ups and downs. Mistakes and misunderstandings. Creation, downfalls, loss and being swept to the heights of wondrous happiness. Some would call this a roller coaster ride. It has indeed been a roller coaster of a ride.

Today, I return to my humble beginnings and remember that God is the Infinite Source of Abundance. From whence all things originate, from whence all beings came. I am not religious, though spiritual. I believe that within each and every one of us is a source of abundance. Within our heart and soul is the Abundance of God and that it is indeed Infinite.

I imagine each day the images that I truly desire. Over drafting those images onto the images of my reality. They appear to meld and when that happens, I receive messages by way of visions that tell me I am on the right path. I am heading out there to where I desire to be.

I will receive that which is truly mine when I truly accept that The Abundance of God is My Infinite Source.

Bright Blessings


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