God Comes to Me Through Unexpected Avenues

Welcome to Day 4 of my Manifesting

God Comes to Me Through Unexpected Avenues and Works in a Myriad of Ways to Bless Me.

Signs come and go through this time of manifesting. Even before I began this journey I began to understand that I am blessed with so much that has already come to me. Knowing there is more to come only strengthens my belief and conviction in my Faith.

By accepting these blessings, I believe I have come to be more blessed in ways and means that are not obvious, or expected. Certainly, I will meet someone new and come to know the way of synchronicities. For the past few weeks, I have become acutely aware of these times. A meeting of like-minded souls, one, then two. Words are exchanged; sometimes it is like talking to a mirror image with a different face. I hear the words, though scarcely believe they are being said. Mirroring my own thoughts, almost exactly. I look around for the spiritual candid camera. There is none. Only this person, or another, telling me, sharing his / her beliefs.

Then I will become frustrated, waiting for an order that was made. It ought to have been here by now. I am slightly aware of the invisible faces watching me, listening to my thoughts, to my feelings. I see in their eyes that I ought to exhibit more patience. I hear the whispers of words unsaid. Yet, here I am, waiting for this order I have been told may take up to 14 days. I cannot wait that long. I must. I am in the middle of my manifesting. I need more space.

It comes by other means, totally unexpected. A client phones and makes an appointment for tomorrow. Another emails, and still another texts. Yes, I am being reminded to be more patient. The order will come when the time is right. In the mean time, my dream.. my desire… my goal is being readied so that it can manifest itself into reality. I am on edge, jittery and yet, knowing I must continue to wait.

Until then, God Comes to Me Through Unexpected Avenues and Works in a Myriad of Ways to Bless Me.


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