I write in my Manifesting Abundance Journal as often as I can

I Now Open My Arms to Receive My Good

We are at day 5 of my first week of officially manifesting for my dream goal.

I Now Open My Arms to Receive My Good

I feel in a somewhat sombre mood right now. The day is drawing to a close as I am ready to open my arms to receive my good. I feel safe in the knowledge that it will come to me. Looking forward to that which I truly desire. Feeling the butterflies beginning to flutter in the pit of my stomach. Yet, I wonder if there is something missing from my formula.

I am sitting here, after a somewhat small, though never-the-less, rollercoaster of a week. In the beginning I couldn’t wait to write these posts, now I feel as though I am winding down. I have so much more to contribute to them, that I am loathe to stop now. Especially after a short time.

I now open my arms to receive my good. In my Manifesting Abundance Journal that I have, I write in it as often as I can. I have so many quotes that help to guide me to my manifestations. They are all positive affirmations which come from many directions.

I am a believer. I accept that I am open to The Universe and all good that comes flowing through the River of Life. I feel it. I acknowledge it. I become it.

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