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Angel Number 12:12 showed up today

Ok, here I am and it is Thursday. I have missed three previous days. No matter as I will fill in the gaps and post them later today as Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

So here I am Thursday. My second week of Manifesting. What a week it has been. From beginning to now. Strange things have happened that I am now wondering if I ought to have paid attention more to the spiritual side of them, rather than hitting the panic button and thinking something is wrong. That is the trouble when once you have been Cancer smitten.

Paranoia aside, I feel as though I am still, somewhat in tune with my Spiritual / Psychic self. Albeit, not as much as I’d like to be. So I am due to go and have some scans and X-rays (paranoia button being hit) this afternoon and I am taking a while before I have to leave to look at my blog. I looked down at the time, being the very essence by that which we sometimes live and saw the Angel number- 12:12. I have been seeing various numbers like this of late, though don’t remember when I have seen this number before.

I looked it up and found my other favourite site which had this to say about this number:

“The number 1212 carries the vibration meaning of both the number 1, and 2 in an amplified way (since each number appears twice).

In their most simplified meaning, the number 1 is a reminder that your thoughts create, and to stay positive.

The number 2 reminds you that all is well and that you have a powerful team of angels you can call on for assistance to help you stay positive, and attract a positive outcome.” (Thanks to Melanie…)

This is just  synchronicity showing up, yet again, to tell me not to give in and remain positive. That my dreams are truly manifesting into reality, as we speak. I am so looking forward to having them turn into reality.

So, my week as it has been thus far, will be filled in as I re-work and post the missing days this week. Then I will end it tomorrow and let you all know the results as I am going. It has been a strange week for certain. However it looks as though I am about to return to the path of enlightened manifestation.

For today, I will await, as patiently as I can, for the results of todays scan that still have time to transpire. I will not worry. I will be positive. I will be happy. For I have already decided, some six years ago that I am going to live to 100. Now I have decided that 100 will only be the beginning of the last part of my life. That it need not end there, yet continue to grow with wisdom, the ages of olde.

Bright Blessings

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