Diary of a Lapidarian

Introduciton DAL

Definition: Lapidary (According the English Oxford Dictionary)

  1. Relating to the engraving, cutting, or polishing of stones and gems

1.1 (of language) elegant and concise, and therefore suitable for engraving on stone.

Noun: A person who cuts,  polishes or engraves gems

Origin: Middle English (as noun); from Latin lapidaries (in late Latin ‘stone-cutter’) from lapis lapid ‘stone’. The adjective dates from the early 18th century.


I had grown up knowing what the term Lapidary meant. I was probably around seven years young when we went on our first fossicking road trip to the NSW New England, north of Sydney where we lived. What a fascinating place this New England area was (and still is). It always looks different, no matter what time of the year you go there, the most common sight you will see are poplar trees and dry grass dispersed in the Australian Bush. I love it.

This book is yet another WIP that just has to be written. The longer I live, the more I remember. The more often I take a wander down Memory Lane and wonder where all the people went to. Those whom I knew before I went into business with Greg. Those whom I met along the way and those…. well, those I don’t see any more, though know they are still around. There are so many characters to write about. So many wonderful and funny people. Kind and considerate, and those with a warped sense of live and humour. Every bit to match ours, in particular to match Greg’s warped sense of being.

So many things happened, accidents, good times, bad times, success stories, funny times, and poignancies. So much to write about. I will blog some of the memories here in this category. They will come in no particular order, however I will try to place them in some semblance of orderedness, just so they can make a little sense. Some of these entries will focus on the person / people of the time, while others will focus on the time / event that happened. All of these entries are from my memories and I may therefore, change the name of the people concerned to protect the innocent (or the guilty).

I hope you will come and join me in my wanderings. I hope that you will not cry, but be able to smile at the least, reading these entries I will make. Some of these entries will find there way into other books of mine. In particular, the book “Following The Dream” which is based mostly, though not altogether on the life and times of Greg and Sandy from Greg’s Showcase. But you will have to wait for the book to be completed to buy it and read it.

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Writer * Reader * Seer I love to write - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to read - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to look and gaze into my crystal ball to see what the future holds. But know that once the powers that be are set in their track, anything can happen from then on.

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