Whispers Within

Hearing the Whispers

Welcome to my realm. This blog is dedicated to my eternal voices in my head. The ones from my Angels. The ones from my Spirit Guides. The ones from Spirit and my Higher Consciousness. The thoughts which come at irregular intervals to guide, interrupt and support me in my daily life.

Through this blog I will dedicate some of the Whispers I hear within and without my mind, body and soul on a daily basis. I will quote some instances, describe some of the events and much more. These events will be in no particular order, simply as they pop up to make themselves heard so I can write them down.

It is a Work in Progress (WIP) that will eventuate into a book called “Whispers Within” I hope this blog will inspire you to comment on the posts I put forward, discuss your own experiences and even ask questions.

Bright Blessings

Sandy Cee


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