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Harry The Biker

Once upon a time there was a land called Down Under. This land came to be known by its residents as the Land of Oz. Then there was the Mother Land, so called for its colonial association with its child like colonies that were formed, most often through penal colonies way back in the dim dark ages.

From The Mother Land, or Rule Britannia came a couple and their three children who landed on a ten pound note. They became our neighbours and as I grew up in this wonderful Valley neighbourhood, I came to see a great deal of them. Most of all Harry The Biker, or sometimes affectionately called Uncle Harry.

Harry owned a motor bike. He did not drive a car, even though he said that he had a license to drive one. He was happiest when out riding on his motor bike, zipping here and there, mostly to and from work. He would leave bright and early in the morning around 7.30am and arrive home at around 4.30pm. You could almost set your clock by him. He was as regular as clock-work, rarely missing a beat. In all his years of riding he rarely had a spill which was quite well going considering the traffic he was fond of complaining about.

He was a funny kind of guy who had strict ethics, yet relaxed ideals of how everything should be in the world. He did not believe in religion, yet he was well versed. Many a night did he and I discuss our beliefs out in the open. One thing he had in common with Greg was that not everything was mentioned in The Bible. He would often scoff at the idea whenever I mentioned the why I believe in something was “because it is in The Bible”. I got this scoffing at home as well. Although it took a long while for me to get this belief that everything was in The Bible, out of my system, it eventually went away. To the point that in later years, other people told me “It is in The Bible” and I would turn and scoff at it, demanding they present it to me forthwith. Harry had a big influence in my life even if I did not believe it at the time.

In later years we almost came to a time where we would agree to disagree with our separate beliefs. However, in time my own belief system came to change over the years. We became closer friends, Greg, myself and Harry and his wife. So many discussions took place while sitting at their or our dining room table. Most of the time it was theirs. We would go around to chat a while, have a coffee, catch up on the day’s work and then get down to business of how we would change the world given half a chance. It was an interesting few hours to pass the time in the evening. One thing for certain is that it was never boring.

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