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Did the Eternal Procrastinator break the drought?

I am writing my first novel. (Or is it my first, second or third? I’ll leave that for another post one day…)

So here I am sitting at my laptop waiting for the inspiration to bring me the joy of a completed manuscript. The trouble is that I already have it completed. Well, it is all in outline mode, just minus the detail. The good bits, the story.

I have laboured long and hard over this story. I have pulled it to bits, added words, sentences, scenes and chapters Then I have deleted it all and restarted it a few times over. I have pulled my hair out, screamed at it and gone quite potty trying to figure it all out without a roadmap.

I downloaded software, purchased more and finally I think I am getting somewhere – again! I am not sure, though I could really have done the impossible. I have been promising myself I will finish it this year for the past six years. Of course, five years ago my journey was punctuated with a tedious and scary brush with Breast Cancer. To enhance my journey even more, along came another scary brush with Bowel Cancer. But that was only a little one. although it took almost as long as my previous BC, it was dealt with more expediency than the previous brush.

No more excuses I screamed inside myself. I have simply got to finish this manuscript so I can publish it. I want to do that before the end of this year! So I picked it up last week and had two working free days. That is all day writing days. I achieved much in those two days even though I did no actual writing. I revisited the outline, re-read the chapters, scenes and words, then re-wrote much of what I had written. I was almost finished book 3 when the two days were up. I felt quite happy and had a great sense of achievement by the end of the second day. I went to sleep a happy woman.

So, now I am up to book 4 and there are another two, maybe three books to go. One of them has to be published soon, otherwise, I will have nothing to build up the story, the suspense, the intrigue, or the interest in delivering them to my audience in yearly increments.

So, getting back to book 1 and how it is beginning and ending. I have decided it, though upon reflection yesterday, may have to revisit it as I seem to have two different beginnings to book 2 which clash violently with book 1’s ending. It seems that conflict after conflict is continuing  along the way. I have lost control of it somehow and need to review what I have written so far.

I have the chapters correctly outlined. I am happy with the scenes of most of it. I am just not happy with all of the words. In one chapter, I am not happy with the few scenes. They all need to be re-written to make sense of the story. It is a mild interruption to the story. I party, an introduction to some of the main characters, a passe en story that will make sense at a later time.A time that bounces back to the past and resonates with the reader and explains the current circumstances of the characters playing out the actions at the current time.


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