To Write Tap or Just Observe When Out and About

Following from my good friend, Pauline Connolly’s post today

I too love to write when I am out and about. I always take my notebook with me. This is why my handbag is never just a handbag for essentials. It contains all of my essentials. A notebook is one of the main ones. Since I was a child I needed the umbilical chord of a notebook. Much like Linus in Peanuts required his blanket. Oh, and most importantly a pen. My preference is black, though I will suffer with a blue one as long as it is a medium point. I started using medium points way back in Primary School and my preference has not changed since then. I won’t divulge how many years later. A lady never tells her true age.

So, getting back to writing in cafes, I love to do this too. There is nothing like sitting somewhere comfy with a delicious cappuccino and a slice of black forest, or chocolate mud cake before, during or after one has written a few paragraphs to publish. No matter the purpose being a blog post, article or an entry into the latest WIP. The effort is the same.

One of my favourite places to go to is a little café in George Street, Liverpool called Oscarinos. This appealed to me as my parents had called me Oscar when I was still in the womb. (Here I go again, showing my age) It was well before the times it became fashionable to know the gender of the still unborn baby.  I first took the opportunity of writing here when I was in between doctor’s appointments. I had a tablet back then, so it was less conspicuous and could write for an hour without feeling the least bit guilty. Of course, I purchased the obligatory cappuccino and even had some raisin toast to accompany my meagre long drawn out morning tea.  What a joy it was to do this. I felt quite the artisan, watching the customers come and go right up to lunch time.

A great little café to grab a bite, indulge in a strong coffee, or simply meet someone for an iced chocolate

These days however, I usually just take a notebook and pen with me to jot down some notes.
I do also, take the opportunity to write some details on a new or current character I am writing about. For instance, last time I was there, a beautiful young woman came in with the longest, darkest and waviest hair I had ever seen. The way she walked with such poise reminded me of a ballet dancer. With head held high upon the slimmest neck you could hope to find, I was quite mesmerised with her stunning beauty. She was dressed in the mandatory black skirt, white blouse and black jacket of one who may work for a Barrister or Accountant. Then, on her feet were the slim slipper type jiffies young girls her age seem to find more comfortable these days. I shuddered. On a cold, wet day how could she be dressed that way? Oh well, here I am belying my age once more.

I have oft times taken to walking to the hospital and waiting there for my next medical appointment. In there are two places I can choose to write with some food on my table. I can also sit without food. Until lunch time, of course. The first one came first. You can go into this new cafeteria style restaurant and sit, waiting for friends, or appointments such as I do. When it comes close to lunch time, I prefer to wander into the annexe area that has a beautiful display of fake flowers and other plants showing in hanging baskets, vines growing on the walls or in pots dividing the food court from the pedestrian area between wings in the hospital. It all looks so colourful, it took me a few visits to realise the plant life was all pretend and not real. So lifelike it all appears. I love to take my new small laptop in there and spread my lunch out before diving into my latest WIP, while lifting my eyes, if not my head, once in a while to watch the world go by. Again, I feel quite comfy doing this and am loathe to pack my bag to go to my next appointment.

Here, in this revolutionary style cafeteria, one can sit with a laptop, tablet, or notebook and while away the time. Or use as a meeting place.



The other place I enjoy is at the end of the walkway to one of the back entrances of the hospital. It is  the best place for a cappuccino or hot chocolate and their raison toast is so different to any I have had before. The bread is thick with only a few raisins, and smothered in delicious butter that it just melts in the mouth. My pallet right now is salivating with the very thought of the light breakfast I have had there on many occasions waiting for my early appointment with the physio team across the road.

This is the best café for hot chocolate and raisin toast I have found. So smooth and delicious, always a busy little place to grab a bite to eat & drink

I usually just take my kindle reader to this little café and take time out to read my latest acquisition. Currently I am trying to wade through Emily Bronte’s books. But more about these in another post.

So, if you are like me and don’t want to stay at home all day every day to write your blog posts, or catch up on your WIPs, then perhaps you could think about getting out of the house and go for a bus/train ride, short/long drive or a slow walk to your nearest café. Don’t forget to take your tools of trade, whether they be a notebook, laptop or tablet.


Writer * Reader * Seer I love to write - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to read - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to look and gaze into my crystal ball to see what the future holds. But know that once the powers that be are set in their track, anything can happen from then on.


  • Kate Kenzie

    I love the idea of writing in a cafe while drinking hot chocolate sadly I do not have many opportunities to do so. I have a notebook in my bag but it rarely sees light but I do use my phone. I am a terrible writer though as the lure of Kindle is overpowering and I end up reading in quiet moments instead -oops. Could be why my WIP is taking so long.
    My taste buds are tingling at the idea of raisin toast but they will have to wait as 2.30am here

    • Sandy

      Ooh, I so love your writing, even here. Yes, that is why my WIP is taking so long too. Well, perhaps in your morning it will be raisin toast with brekkie 🙂

  • Pauline Conolly

    Excellent, Sandy. I’m too lazy to write into a notebook though, because then I have to transcribe it onto my computer. Like you, I love observing people. And I have been known to eavesdrop on cafe conversation! We writers need to get out and about .

    • Sandy

      So agree Pauline. I don’t do a great deal long hand for that reason – most of it is note-taking or ideas that come to me from observations, or my muses whispering to me.

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