Nano in July

NANO July 2018 Day 3.

It is Tuesday, day 3 and I haven’t added any more of my novel since Sunday. At least I began. I looked at it yesterday and deducted words from it. It still remains at a little over 1k words. I am disappointed with myself for not keeping to the 2k words a day.

It is an easy enough novel to begin and get through. You see, it is a memoir of my earlier life in a rock shop here in Sydney, Australia. It began when I left school and signed on the life of a secretary / sales person. Little did I realise what it would entail back then in the late 1970’s. However, the twist is that I am fictionalising it to protect the innocent (and the guilty perhaps ūüôā )

It has been a wild time, travelling around the country and seeing so much of it. The best part has been meeting the people I came to love. That meant customers as well as some suppliers who came to be wonderful friends over the years. The great Australian Yarn has never died out, it just hasn’t been heard often enough.

This is my story, when I joined from the age of seventeen to now. Well, not to now, this is only the first part of the series of a trilogy. This will take us up to the beginning of the 1980s where the story really gets interesting.
I’ll be writing each day. By tomorrow I will need to get another 7k words done. So wish me luck. I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

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