Nano in July

Nano July 2018 Day 4

Today is my birthday. Yes, 4th July. I was born in a troubled time, but that is for another story.

I am plodding on with this Camp Nano. Determined to complete the target at least of 50k words this month. I reached over the 4.5k words. It is a great feeling to know I can get so much done. I just kept going on and on.

The inspiration isn’t needed as far as creativity is concerned for this is my fictional version of my memoir from an early age. Well, from the time I left school to join Greg’s Showcase way back I the late 1970’s.

It was a different way of life you see. I was young and impressionable. I had very little experience with the real world outside of school so some incidents where a real eye opener to me. Meeting different folk from different walks of life was an education.

Of course, when I was at school in Sydney’s Outer Western Suburbs, there was a big European / Anglo English/Australian culture. At the school, there was a mixture of Australian, Greek, and Italian cultures with a smattering of English (British) for good measure.

So when I came to work for this business in the Bankstown / Greenacre area, it was very different. I saw how people are loyal to business, fickle, and in between as well. I saw how there is a one-upmanship in adults and many of these adults loved to name drop. Ours was one of them.

There came to be a different culture. It was fun, exciting, exhilarating. It was never boring. That is for sure. But I am going on a bit ahead. Let’s just say as I look back and reflect on those times back then, I realise how naïve and innocent I truly was. Words were said that went flying over my head. Then, as I wised up, I could give some cheek back. However, I was always aware that the customer came first and one had to respect that.

I invite you to think about reading my book when it is published. My hope is that it will be published this year. Please follow me by clicking on the buttons below to keep updated on my networks.

Bright Blessings

Sandy Cee

PS – The featured image is courtesy of Marlows Books This is volume 1, No, 6 of this very popular magazine from 1964 to 1981.

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