From SBW to Zipper Club in 10 Years Progress Update

I just completed the Outlining phase of From SBW to Zipper Club in 10 Years! Now onto Writing!
I am beginning with the last book first for now as it is the most recent one in my life journey. It probably won’t interest most of you, however if just some of you are interested, then I will have opened your minds and brought some awareness to a few issues that haunt us all in today’s world.
You see, back in 2011 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had a mastectomy. Then, just when I thought Id gotten over it all a brush with Bowel Cancer came along to spice things up the following year.
Finally that was over with and a life back to some semblance of normalcy seeped in and I could get back to my writing. Sometime toward the middle of 2014 Greg was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. It was not a nice time. We both went numb. Fortunately he adopted the same attitude I had of positivity, even though he was now listed as Terminal.
Treatment, scans, a change in doctors and a few years later we seemed to be coasting along, thinking and dreaming of the future.
But the best laid plans of mice and men… we were struck again when I went for my Pap test and went “Ouch” twice when I oughtn’t to have. So I was deigned to be in hospital yet again. This time it would be for a radical Hysterectomy. Coincidentally Greg was scheduled for removal of a suspected eye cancer on the same day.
Well, next day came and went, a fortnight night after I came out of hospital full of hope and desire for my living to 100 and news that it was BENIGN!!! YIPEE! I yelled aloud. That was the end of that.
Not so as Greg was to be soon diagnosed with cancers in both lungs and spleen. Could it get any worse? My heart was heavy and it wasn’t grief. it was the beginning of more health issues I didn’t want.
Now, in the Spring of 2019 I am well and truly over it all. Having just turned 60, I am looking forward to living the next 40 years of my life in a healthy and happy existence. I plan to continue my writing and editing.
I will leave you with the thought – what if you had only 40 years left? What do you plan to do with “All That Time”?

From SBW to Zipper Club in 10 Years

Writer * Reader * Seer I love to write - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to read - fiction, non-fiction, most genres I love to look and gaze into my crystal ball to see what the future holds. But know that once the powers that be are set in their track, anything can happen from then on.

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