Characters of Thymeline


What can I say? Jem is God.

God over all He surveyeth. God over the landeth, the seaeth, the aireth. I think you get the picture. Yes Jem loves to drop into this old Shakespearean type language. Of course, He doesn’t always speak this way, just much of the time. He considers himself to be quite a Bard himself. (Which, incidentally is the name of this WordPress theme I am using. No coincidences there, I just fell in love with it and it happened to be named Bard).

Being God He is Creator. Director. Producer. Sometimes He even gets into the action himself. A bit like Hitchcock, that old Master of suspense. But no parallels here, of course. So what is Jem all about? You well may ask.

He has a very healthy ego. That goes without saying – He is God after all. He has been asleep throughout this journey to a new part of the Galaxy, having left the old one when it was clear that He had done all that He could to save the people upon that Earth. Now He is putting plans together to create a new earth called Narramine. Upon this earth, he will place the most important people, all of these He has brought with him in the journey. Then of course there are the others, such as The Greater Angels and Oephelia, His wonderful secretarial and right hand Angel without whom he would never find anything.

Jem has a satirical sense of humour and loves to play the odd prank against Oephelia, but somehow, somewhere two pranksters have stowed away and are now a part of His new world. Dee and Zee will not be very popular at all.


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