Rediscovering Narramne Progress Update

Good News!

I actually began this book Rediscovering Narramine  last month in March, but have been busy with my website and “life”. This is the first book I am starting on in the series.

What it’s About

If you saw my Home Page, you will see the blurb I am running with for the book. It is a very different story for the whole series. But suffice to say, it all takes part in the desert area of The Sutra in Narramine. The edge of the great desert. It is a pretty desolate piece of land over there, on an island off the mainland that no one has bothered with for many years, apart from the last lot of archaeologists who went there to find something they thought should be there and came home with well, pretty much nothing.

Then there’s this!

That’s the kind of challenge Sandre and Matt are facing in this new dig they agreed to take on. I’m not sure I envy them, but let’s see where it takes them and what they find. So far, they’ve just arrived, set up camp and looking forward to the arrival of the rest of the team and the support people who will, they hope, do some of the menial, though important jobs on this dig. You know the kind of stuff? The digging, the surveying, the cooking, cleaning and bottle washing. And of course the all important housekeeping staff who will do some of the cleaning as well. It gets pretty dusty on this island with dust storms rising up without warning three times a day. That doesn’t make for a clean cottage.

Where I’m Up To

I just made progress on Rediscovering Narramine! So far I’m 7.6% complete on the Story Structure phase. 5 Months remain until the deadline in October.
There will be more to come… keep watching. I hope you will continue to follow me here and on my social networks – you can see those at the top of the screen.
Thank you

Rediscovering Narramne
Phase:Story Structure
Due:9 months ago

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