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Past Life Regression

Being a facilitator for many years of Past Life Regression, I began remembering my own past lives. At first it was one at a time, then they came thick and fast, with devastating results. More on that later. I went through various mood swings, as one might imagine. From the sublime to the ridiculous, up, down and turn it around, I remembered and felt the way I did all those many years ago. Regressing into a memory can be downright scary, much less dangerous to our mental wellbeing. All kinds of things can surface along the way from the sea of memories. Remember the scene in Harry Potter where Professor Dumbledore lifts his wand to his head and brings out a wisp of smoke-like memory and directs it to his font so both he and Harry can watch the events of that day. In the World of Harry Potter, Dumbledore used a pensieve to capture and extract the memories.

Are Memories Real?

The problem with memories is that they have a habit of just floating around in the physical ether. In the mind, which is a sea of experiences. A quagmire of events that happened during studying, discussions with others and actual experiences. One can never know, just by looking, which is real, imagined, or a false memory triggered by something that happened. My memories welled up from deep within when my Spirit Guides tripped them. I joked they tripped the wires that held them together. But it was very emotional when the wires became a seething, chaotic mess in and around my Solar Plexus. My feelings were raw from loss, high with exhilaration, terrified from the fear of horrific memories.

Living – Past, Present or Future?

Then I remembered future times. That was nifty, I must say. Times in the future which looked like they should belong to the, well, medieval times. But I’m not so sure about that either. Most of my memories were of the past – chronologically so. But some are also from this time era, which would be impossible, right? I mean, I have been here before! In this very country, city, suburb and, for whatever reason, this very address. The same house no less!!! I have memories from my past life that did not happen in this lifetime, the time when I am living, yet happened in my past lifetime. For instance, an incident occurred when I was a toddler for which I have two, perhaps three memories of. Then there is another incident for which I have the memory of, that is truly clear to me, yet it did not happen – in this lifetime, but happened in another lifetime that I was here…

Or did it happen in a different dimension? Same time, just next dimension. Next time zone.

What is Thymeline then?

So, my Thymeline series is all about my past lives – past deeds. It begins just before the dawn of time. It begins with the beginning. Well, around the time of the beginning, anyway. There are all kinds of characters in it including a God called Jem. A Goddess who is the created one. Angels, Elders, and others… You know these others… as in God created Adam and Eve, and then there were others…

But most of all, it is about three civilisations. The main of which is Jem’s own, made up of His people. Three Kingdoms. Three Goddaughters. One Goddaughter. The generations after generation of peoples, kingdoms, and the others…

The exploits of the Elders, the higher order of those who turn up unannounced and reap havoc on Jem’s creation on the land of Narramine. Then there are the exploits of His Angels. Those who are endowed with His energies and occasionally take matters into their own hands to help Jem. After all, He is God.

Each book takes in the time, characters and setting that is Narramine. There will be odd things happening throughout time and space. Time will repeat itself; actions will duplicate, and characters will come and go with the whims of Jem.

More to come soon….



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