Past Lives

My Sojourn into a Past Life

I provide Past Life Regression to my clients. Those who are interested in the past, who may have issues in this lifetime or who have some near debilitating habits they wish to heal. I did try one of my colleagues from Western Sydney many years ago, though it didn’t work out as well as I wanted. In fact, I was no nearer to finding the solution I went for than I am today.

I dream. Doesn’t everyone? Of course, we all dream. I dream in brilliant colour, sometimes technicolour. I do remember dreaming once in black and white, and the first thing I reflected on was how strange it was. As far as I can fathom, all my dreams are in colour, with that one exception.

So, getting back to my thread. The dreams I had been having are the sort that continues on. No one dream is the full episode. Each dream continues from the last. It is annoying. I cover the same ground all the time. Bits of here and there, the main thread is always the same. It goes on and on, even changing the place, but it always is the same. I am chasing and searching for a family member. To date I cannot find the reason for this dream. 

So, a member of a Facebook Spiritual group I had joined put up a request that he was looking for participants to receive a session from him on Zoom. He had just completed a course on Past Life Regression from England and wanted five willing people to gift his time to. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. We are in lockdown in Greater Sydney, so I thought, what better time to revisit these dreams than now? Right?  I contacted him immediately and worked out a day and time. The time difference between our countries was a nuisance as he was unwilling to do any earlier than 7.00am, as I was unwilling to do any earlier than 5.00am. Once the appropriate time was arrived at which suited both of us, we were in our session.

I have trouble being hypnotized at the best of times, although one of my Spirit family did in fact hypnotize me once, which was an interesting experience. More on that in a later post. But for now, all I had to do was to sit at my laptop and relax. Some teething issues getting Zoom to work on my laptop meant I went with my phone instead. So, his image was much smaller than I wanted. As a visual person, I really wanted to see him clearly. No matter, this would just have to work. I didn’t want to postpone it now.

So, sitting at the Zoom room, I breathed in and out. Relaxed my arms, my whole body, and waited for the miracle I so often see with my clients. It didn’t happen… straight away, that is. It took a little while for the magic to kick in, then… OMG – there I was! 

I couldn’t believe it. I was in what looked like a cave. I looked down at my body to see what clothes I was wearing. Something to gain some insight into when this was, where it could be and any other information which may come through. All the questions I usually asked my clients at this point were being asked of me. Wow! I was there. It felt like literally there. I could feel the coolness of the room. I experienced the darkness. The dank. The cool, dank tunnel like room. Immediately I felt i was in a tomb. An Egyptian tomb. How great is this. Then the next bit was strange. Weird even. I had the feeling of being young, very young. I child. No, an infant. Yes, definitely an infant. I looked down at my feet. No, I was a man. I was wearing sandals. The type we see in movies of Ancient Egyptian times. I was moving…without moving my legs. They didn’t feel as though I was walking at all. Hang on a minute. The man I saw was carrying me. It was Jesus. I could see his face quite clearly. He was shorter than I remembered (from my previous past life memories… and more on that later as well) But the strength in his arms was as I remembered. He was carrying me. I could see myself through his eyes. It was all surreal as I reflect and watch it in my mind’s eye even after a week has passed. 

We turned right to enter another room. It glowed. It glowed bright golden yellow. There was no light switch to turn on. There was no sunlight entering from the outside. No, this was an Egyptian tomb, and this room was glowing with Gold. There were two sarcophaguses lying down. Recognisable as the ones found in other tombs like Tutankhamen. I had been a woman. I died as an infant. The air was dusty. Something disturbed the dust.  I coughed and spat out the dust. I could have done with a mask to cover my face. (Ironic in 2021, huh?) Then, no, wait another minute… there is a woman standing still in front of me to my left. I leant over some more to see her clearer. The light faded, yet I could still see. Outside I could see small willy willy or dust storm well up and pick up the sand as it moved along the dunes. Then I looked again. This woman was my twin. She was my sister from that time. I was an Egyptian Goddess. I was Isis. She stood about 150cm tall, had thick black hair. Her complexion was smooth as silk. She stood there looking at me. Accusing me of my tardiness. “It’s about time,” she telepathed “I’ve been waiting forever for you” she communicated again. She lived my life. She lived our life. But the closer I moved toward her, the more pain I felt. 

Someone murdered her. I long dagger had slipped from her sternum through her right breast and out her underarm. Then I caught sight of a young man. He could have been her lover. She was just nineteen. He looked like a year younger. I recognised him as one of my own lovers from different times. Right now, he stayed in the shadows. She – Isis – came to me. She knew me, as I knew her. It wasn’t difficult. We were sisters. We are sisters. She came through the ether with me, as did her murderer. He made some feeble explanation that she was alive when she was placed in this tomb. He could have been a God-King. He hasn’t said. 

Stay tuned for more of my experiences into Past Life Regression.

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