In the beginning

So here we are at the very beginning of time… or is it?

We begin the story here, because, well, I just don’t know where else to begin, except at the beginning. The problem is that I have lived another dozen more years since I began this project and realise that I will need to go back even further. So how the heck does one go back from the beginning? I mean, I cannot possibly go back before then, now, can I? There is no negative in time, only a positive. Once it begins, it begins and travels. Slowly, or fast, it nevertheless, travels at a pace and I cannot go back before then.

However, what if… now I’m just thinking aloud, you understand. What if time was a circle? Three hundred and sixty degrees, if I remember some basic geometry. What if time has no actual beginning or ending? What if time just is – what it is – Time? If we were to measure time, that would be linear, right? That is on a straight timeline. From 0 to infinite. Time does not stop. It does (did?) not start. Time is. Past, present and future. 

I won’t delve too deeply into this time business because I am not a scientist and I get bamboozled whenever I think about these topics. Although I sometimes see quire clearly in my mind’s eye, I still need a starting point and an end point. For now, I have a starting point and that is when the Earth began – or just was – creating itself, as in the Genesis theory, until Jem came along, landed somewhere nearby and decided this was his new Galaxy to begin his new project. We’ll call it Jem’s World. 

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