About Me

Sandy CeeWhere do I start? I am a writer, dreamer and reader. That is, I read books, magazines, blogs and Tarot Cards!
I have been writing ever since I was a young child and had a pencil thrust into my hands. In fact, it all seemed quite normal for me to want to begin my autobiography when I was sweet six years young. I got as far as “In the year 1959, on 4th July, a young girl baby was born to….” Well, so much for that beginning.
Since then I have written poetry, short stories and quite a few non-fiction metaphysical manuals. I have many irons in the fire which I hope to have completed very soon. None more so urgently as my main novel, or rather series of novels – Thymeline. The first one to be “The Three Pillars” But more of these books later.
More about myself here…
I also read the Tarot Cards for which I have been doing for over twenty years. I woke up one morning sitting gazing into space when a Tarot Deck appeared to me beside my Great Grandmother as she was standing by her gravesite. It seemed that I had the gift already, though, like the girls in “Charmed” did not know I had it. When I had deciphered all seven cards that showed, I knew then that I was able to read the cards. I have been reading them ever since. Many different decks. For all different people across the globe.

But enough of all of that for now. You will come to know me better by reading my blog posts. I’m here to tell you more and share with you just some of The World According to Me – Sandy Cee