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In her adult life, she continued to write, though her style changed significantly. Instead of poetry, she wrote in her journal, recording her feelings and observations of people around her. 

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Sandy Cee


The story of

Sandy Cee

People are important. Meeting them, interacting with them is important. Getting to know them is more important. How can we understand them if we do not know them?

Working in the business as partner to mentor, Greg Cohen, she grew emotionally and spiritually to follow her own path in her writing career. She has co-authored, edited, and written many self-help manuals, books, and articles on topics from Jewellery Making to Tarot Card Reading, Spiritual Healing and much more.

Then in 2011 she was stopped in her path with breast cancer. What else could she do while she was recuperating and healing? She went back to her novel writing to create her ever growing project – The Thymeline Series.




Sandy left High School and went to work with Greg’s Showcase, where she became a partner, then a company director. 


First journey into computers with a little Osborne Portable Computer running on Cp/m operating system. She began typing up her poetry and short stories as well as noting various novels including Metamorphosing in Australia.


Greg (former Company Director of Greg’s Showcase) and Sandy closed their shop at Fairfield, NSW to travel throughout Australia as a mobile Rockshop and Mini-Museum. Also co-authoring and editing their quarterly magazine “The Cabachon” and a how to book – “Back to Basics Jewellery Making“. A step-by-step approach to jewellery making with projects, trading terms and definitions and more which sold many thousand copies throughout Australia and New Zealand. 


Breast Cancer stopped her in her tracks with surgery and treatment. This was the year she picked up her precious Thymeline Series, which began with one book, grew into a sequel, then a trilogy and finally a series of six books. Last year, a dream reopened a memory door and the seventh book was born.


In spite of more health issues, Sandy forged ahead with her book series and continued to include ore chapters in her Thymeline Series.


Her muses began giving her more and more ideas as she travelled down memory lane, her books in the making were growing..


COVID-19 year saw her working and expanding her Thymeline series to include book 7 and wondering if she could make it the first book published.


She has many books she is working on, but five major books that are most important. She is also working on transferring her Metaphysical workshops to online workshops, which will leave her time to do more novel writing.


In the beginning of time, it was time itself that mattered, not whether it was just beginning or whether it was ending or even if it was in the middle. It was time. Actually, it was Thymeline. That all important herb that goes so well with a roast lamb that makes all the difference.

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