So, who exactly is Author Sandy Cee? I am many things to many people, yet I am still just me. One of my little nursery rhymes I loved when I was a child was Jumping Joan.

Here I am little Jumping Joan

When No one is with me – I am all alone.

I am a Writer

Which means I love to write. Type actually. The words simply appear on the screen for me to accept or edit out or change. As I sit at my laptop at every opportunity, I watch the words appear from what I have typed. I seem to have no control over my fingers, yet I hear the words in my head and then they are typed to appear. Sometimes I hear them after I have typed them. It is weird, strange, extra-ordinary. I call it channelling. So I write.

I write #Fiction – for I have a wonderful, sometimes overactive – imagination which brings to fruition all the creativity of my mind. At times this has been great and overwhelming. Other times it kind of fizzles out. But it is there. So I create. I create worlds, communities, homes, clicks, and solo journeys. In different genres not least including #romance, #fantasy, #general, #Christianfantasy

I write #Non-Fiction such as manuals, articles, self-help books and memoirs. On different genres such as Reiki, Tarot Reading, Psychic Development, Meditation and more. I have taught various workshops on metaphysical topics over the past twenty five years and provided manuals for each one. I am now in the process of converting my manuals to books and online workshops.

I write #Poetry all free verse as I have been writing it since I was a teen. Much of it channelled through my Spirit Guides which I enjoy very much. It always tells a story and sometimes is personalised to someone near me Рeither at work or home.

I am a Reader

I love to read. I read books. I read ebooks. I read blogs. I read journals. I read articles. I read manuals. I love to read books. Throughout my lifetimes I have always loved to read. One of my favourite places has been the local library. I have seen inside many a library, from small community run ones to large state and national libraries. You know, the kind that has granite or marble floors and you creep in as though it is the Holy Shrine and dare not even whisper. Some of these libraries I have seen in his lifetime such as the larger community library in downtown Liverpool City Library, to the larger state library in Sydney as well as the Mitchell Library in the same city. Then I have been to the National Library in Canberra, our National Capital.

On another type of reading, I also read the Tarot cards, Rune stones, Palms, faces, and photographs. I use my talents of psychic powers along with the clairs to read for people who come to ask what the future holds for them. Again, I have been providing this type of reading for many lifetimes, including this one and thoroughly enjoy providing the answers for those who seek. I am a #Seer.

I had a troubled teen life. Being an only child, I often felt I was monkey in the middle. Trying Read more