Thymeline Chronicles

Way back sometime in 1997, according to the date stamp on my laptop, I created this story called Thymeline. I am happy to say the story line was totally different to what it is today, however it was a story I fully intended to go with. You see, I haven’t always been self-employed and on one occasion back in that same year I went for an interview with a Health Food Wholesaler and felt in a whimsical mood. The gentleman who greeted me had funny looking pointed ears, a moon face, and big loveable blue eyes. So, I decided to write a book about my time working in this business.  I wrote a brief outline and two chapters. I still have the idea safely tucked away in my head, but for now, it will have to remain there until I complete this mammoth task.

So, to get back to the story of Thymeline – The Three Pillars. It stems from my visions and memories of past lives upon my awakening. Of these I cannot remember all the finer details, so I am fictionalising the stories. At first, I began writing it in a word document, but it wasn’t long before I realised that Word just wasn’t enough to tackle such a mammoth task as this saga that follows the lives of the Emperors, Queens, and other generations of the nobles of a land once the most fertile and enriched in the area to become the city of the desert.

Sitting in my loungeroom (that’s what we call the living room in Australia), one night as I trolled through the internet, I came across a software that was not only free but gave me the ability to outline my chronicle’s in one place as well as draft the stories. It’s called yWriter by Spacejock. Turns out this is the Windows version of Scrivener but is still free that that was around 2010 that I first found this marvellous software.


Well, let's begin at the very beginning, for we cannot cut into the creation halfway through. It must be at the beginning, or even before the beginning.
A brief Synopsis:
The first book centres on the beginning, or as I like to call it: "before the beginning of time" to the actual creation of the planet of Narramine. The beginning of all life as we know it, and how Jem-God does all His work. All that work of course, would not be possible without the help of His trusting Angels, The Council of Twelve and His main Angel - Oephelia, or Phelli for short who acts as Jem's trusted Personal Assistant. Jem even creates His own woman, Spiritae who becomes His pride and joy.
Jem-God awakens in the swirling mist after The Big Bang. Having been knocked out with the force of the pressure, he remembers nothing of who he is, let alone where he is. But he does remember there is something important he has to do.
Finally, with some prompting from two little characters who zip in and out of the scene, He remembers with a mighty whoosh. His anger is as mighty as He is strong, and they wisely disappear into the ether. Now He remembers who, what, where, when and how He is where he is right now. But He is lonely.
Enter Oephelia, Jem's right-hand angel and personal assistant. Oephelia, or Pheli as ze is nicknamed is at Jem's beck and call. If Jem needs anything at all, poor Pheli hears the call of Oepheeeeeliiiiiaaaa through the mist that is the new Heaven. Pheli is the one who really runs the show behind the scenes to ensure all is running smoothly for Jem. Ze tries to protect Jem from the arguments and heavy discussions of The Twelve Greater Angels and The Great Council of Twelve. While these two groups have little to do with each other, they do clash from time to time and then it is no one's business what fury may escalate in the process.
Jem's loneliness prompts Pheli to encourage Jem to create His own woman this time around. To have His own companion, His own love of His life is just what He needs to distract Himself from the rigours of the discussions behind closed doors. It has been a long time on His own, doesn't He deserve to have someone for Himself? Yes, of course He does. So, He sets about creating Her who shall be His Queen.
In the middle of everything, discussions, quarrels, and more discussions Spiritae comes to life and keeps Jem the happiest He has been forever. He is so infatuated with His new bride He cannot leave her side, in awe of everything she touches, does, says and is. Something must be done however, as He is not getting His work done and he chooses Damon, a rogue angel to be Spiritae's carer, bodyguard, and all time protector.
In a different time, a different place this could have been a clever idea but giving Damon this assignment for himself was not the best one at all. A deep romance blossoms between the pair and only Oephelia sees the writing on the wall. But the fact that ze allows it to continue, is an unforgiveable sin. Only one idea of Oephelia's saves zer from being outcast or worst - destroyed! But what becomes of Spiritae and Damon? More to the point, what becomes of the Children of God?
The birth of the Goddess Isis.
much turmoil has been left after the travesty of the betrayal of Damon and Spiritae. It is hard for Jem to pick up the pieces and continue his work of His New Earth, He has called Narramine. Yet He must continue.
So The Creation continues as Jem finally creates His vision and brings it to life. He uses the souls of those He once loved unconditionally to create His new people and allow them to populate this planet of Narramine. Life happens and Jem is hapy for the fruit of His labour. That which can be called His. And then there are others.
There are generations born and bred, old friends and new ones seen, angels visited and souls watched from above in Heaven. All is well in the realm. Finally Sandrea is born to each of her beloved God Sisters. They become her maternal mother, to empart the Knowledge, Vision and Wisdom to her for her future journeys that will be many. Eventually becoming The Goddess that wasn't panned. The Goddess of The Oracle, that Jem-God knew she would be. Bestowing His Hand upon her soul so she coud go forth and live many lives across the land that is Narramine. Will she live to see children? To be married? To find love? Where will her journeys take her, generation after generation?
The name of Alexander seemed apt for the lineage of the Kings of Kings. The Emperors of Emperors. Surviving all the wars, the battles and the skirmishes. Then relaxing as all kings ought to going fishing in the harbour. While he was there, having a great epiphany, being excited by it all and putting it into practice. Thus the long lineage of Alexander King'll have to await the completion of this book. Stay tuned and I'll let you know as soon as the first draft is done.