I have been working on this series for an awfully long time. It seems like forever when I think about it. You see, it all began from my sojourn back through my own past lives. You will find some of my entries in my blog regarding these episodes.

Getting back to this project of mine called Thymeline, which, incidentally, wasn’t my first choice of titles, but it seemed to have stuck. From one book, albeit a mammoth book, I have outlined a total of seven books. Then I hit a slump. I have been trying for many years to get back to completing it. However, it doesn’t appear to be ready for publication. In fact, no nearer than it was last year, or the year before. Hence the presence of it now – here – in this page.

My thinking is that if I write about it, you will read about it. Then I can move on and finally complete it. Book number categorises here each book, so you can jump to each one and read a little about it. I will also include some short stories or snatches of the story line along the way. These will be freebies which you will find on the appropriate page (on the menu, of course).

Please feel free to comment on the posts and contact me any time.

So here we are at the very beginning of time... or is it? We begin the story here, because, well, Read more