This is where you will see my Works in Progress, commonly known as WIPs. I have a number of them on the go at any one time, the first ones you come to will be the major ones that I hope to finish soon. It is nothing for me to work on up to a dozen or so. I have an overactive Muse who provides me with enough ideas to last at least 10 life-times.


Have you ever wondered if you had lived before? Been reincarnated to another time or place? Perhaps you were a colonist in early America or experiencing the Great Fire of London. Maybe you were born in the Indonesian foot hills, or better yet – in down town Pompeii. What if there really is life on other planets? Perhaps in a different dimension that is quite like the life you are living now. Maybe, just maybe, you have experienced déjà vu in this lifetime, yet you cannot put your finger on it and know exactly that is where you have been before. Have you wondered, wondered, if maybe you have been here before? You go to a new place you know for certain you have not set foot in, in this very lifetime. Yet, you can tell where everything is, from the bathroom, to the tree in the back garden. Read More
Where else to begin than at the beginning of time itself. In fact, this book really begins before the beginning of time. Set in a part of the Galaxy that has never been explored before. In one quadrant that has been known to have much electrical energy. It is here that Jem and his Angels and band of Ancients come to settle. In order for Jem to become creator, he must prepare himself, his Angels and Ancients to take on the archetypes that create His new world of Narramine. There is much to do and he has but one main helper to do the behind the scenes work that will help Jem get his project begun. Oephelia is his right hand Angel who works tirelessly for any of Jem's commands. Then there are the two mischief makers - Dee and Zee who stop at nothing to create major and minor havoc in Jem's new realm. It befalls to Oephelia to make sure that they behave themselves at all times, even though this seems like a lost cause. in reality, Dee and Zee are two of Jem's most avid supporters Read More
When Dee and Zee arrive, little by little, to turn Jem's arrival upside down and inside out, it seems that life itself is turned right around. At first they appear as eyes coming from the ether. Then the nose appears, then the mouth. Jem began to think he was going crazy. Then they began talking in unison which really startled poor Jem. It wasn't bad enough that he was a little befuddled having just awoken. He also had one of the worst headaches. It felt like his head was pounding from within. They giggled and zipped here and there in front of him. They looked at each other and spoke in tongues that was unfamiliar to Jem. Of course, he is who he is after all. However his memory wasn't what it ought to have been at that very moment. What more to do than to have a glass of Ice Cold Raspberry Syrup. It had been one of Jem's favourite drinks in the old realm. Now he was happy to be able to conjure up three drinks - shaken, not stirred. Read More
What can I say? Jem is God. God over all He surveyeth. God over the landeth, the seaeth, the aireth. I think you get the picture. Yes Jem loves to drop into this old Shakespearean type language. Of course, He doesn't always speak this way, just much of the time. He considers himself to be quite a Bard himself. (Which, incidentally is the name of this WordPress theme I am using. No coincidences there, I just fell in love with it and it happened to be named Bard). Being God He is Creator. Director. Producer. Sometimes He even gets into the action himself. A bit like Hitchcock, that old Master of suspense. But no parallels here, of course. So what is Jem all about? You well may ask. Read More


  • Kathy

    Are you the same Sandy Cee that Santa Surfing mentions in her You Tube videos? If so, please tell me where I can find your political commentary.

    Thank you so much,


    • Sandy Cee

      No Kathy, I am not that Sandy Cee. I have never watched Santa Surfing. I don’t want to watch it. I am apolitical. Thank you for finding my website.

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