Who I Am

I love to be ME

I love to Write

I am a writer. I have been writing most of my life. At the tender age of five years young I thought it was time to write my autobiography. I went through high school writing poetry. I began writing short stories, then long stories...then life intervened and somehow my writing stopped.

But it has found be once more and I am back in the dance that I love and know so well. Come and join with me and my journey that is ME.

I am a metaphysician. I have been a psychic reader / healer with special abilities most of my life. I did not know the invisible friends I had were spirit people. To me they were real. I could see them, why not others. I had the abilities all of my life. I just didn't always know what it was that I had until the day of my awakening.

I love my family. I live with the family I love so much. Out kidz come and go throughout our life, yet they give back the love that we give. They make us laugh and cry. I cannot imagine life any other way. It is who I am.


What I do

I am uncolmplicated

I want, therefore I do

I do many things in this life. Things I thought I would never do. Things I didn't know I was capable of. Life has taught me all that I know and so much more.

I write for the love of writing. I create for the love of creation. I become my own writing. It is my life. It is what I do.

I read for the love of reading. I visualise for the love of the creation that is what I am reading. I become a character from the creation that is the story I am reading. It is what I do.

I Read Tarot Cards for the love of divining. I see what it is that others ask of me. I give the answers to that which I am asked. It is what I do.

I Heal with Energy for the love of The Divine. The energy found me. It gave itself to me. It takes over me and I help others by giving to those who are in pain, or unwell. I am blessed. It is what I do.

I Teach many subjects for the love of passing on my knowledge. Sometimes the knowledge I do  not know I have. It is all real. It is there to be passed on. It what I do.

I do Bookkeeping for the love of balancing the books. I fell into this doing through necessity. I realised this is also what I do.

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