What I Write and Why I Write

I have been writing for around fifty-five plus years. If I told you the real truth, I’d be giving my age away and you know a woman never tells her real age. She’s always twenty-one years young. Well honey,let’s get one thing straight here. I am not that young – I don’t mind being over fifty, but that’s not to say I will tell you exactly how old I really am.

So, to get back to my writing, I first started writing when I was about five years young and thought I should get a move on about my autobiography. I got as far as…. “on the fourth of July 19?9 (Ha! You’re not fooling me into telling you my actual age) a young girl child was born in a hospital in Sydney, New South Wales…” That was it. I lost interest. This biography would have to wait until I was older and developed some patience to remember everything I needed to for this in-depth book of mine. I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I have a general plan for it. So I am closer to getting it done. I’m planning to release it after I have published at least three novels. Let’s hope that happens in this lifetime or I’ll never get it done.


When I was in the sixth grade, we were all invited to write a piece for the annual school magazine. I for one did not want to miss out, so I set to work to write a poem about exams…
It went something like this:
Exams, exams, exams
English, Maths, Science too!
Always plenty of exams…
Sadly, I seem to have lost it, but you get the gist of it I’m sure. My poem was twelve lines long, but it wasn’t successful for the school magazine that year. However, the following year my friend sent it in to the Sunday comics section when they published it. I won a Charlie Chuckles certificate for my effort.

It buoyed me with that note of success and I began in a flurry of excitement to find inspiration in many daily chores for my one hundred plus poems I wrote in the next four years. I felt I was onto something here. It wasn’t just me, either. My father also felt the same thing, and he called me to his side one day to tell me I think you need a pen name. It should be Sandy Cee. With due haste, I signed my future poems with that name, and to this day have used it willingly throughout much of my life, only leaving my legal birth name to legal documents. I think that’s as it ought to be.

Short stories

But it was during my last two years of high school I began writing short stories. Most of them are based on weird and wonderful dreams. I will leave these for now, as I intend for them to be available in other sections of this site for you, my readers, to read.

When I left school, that was when my writing changed. I could no longer get the inspiration for poetry, my novels turned into short stories. I wrote about things, ideas, musings, things and the like… but not very much seriously. Although I continued to journalise as I had done in high school. Intermittently, of course.

Metamorphosing In Australia

Then came the crazy fad of these new fang dangle metal detectors. Somewhere in the 1980s people of all persuasions were buying them, thinking they were gold detectors and walking to the medium strips in the suburbs to look for gold. Funny, huh? It was hilarious, but gave a bad name to these humble machines. The idea slowly crept into my mind, though about a couple who won the lottery and bought themselves a new caravan (trailer) to take themselves around Australia with a bright new shiny metal detector. I had a bundle of anecdotes in my head – enough, I thought, to fill a novel about two people in their mid-fifties travelling from town to town and their escapades. I called it “Metamorphosing In Australia”. I will write that novel one day later, but in the meantime, it is staying in my head.

Past Lives – Past Deeds

Cut a very long story short, sometime in the mid to late 1990s I got this crazy idea of writing all my stories to form a novel from my own past lives. The worlds came into my head. The words came into my head. The visions splendid came into my head but nothing formed a novel, just fragments thereof. People, writers and other artists came into my world as I was etching my existence by soothsaying and tarot reading and filled my soul with inspiration. Then I began writing, notating, and more writing until something stuck. It took a tragic set of circumstances to put me in my drivers seat and tell me it was about time that Sandy Cee became the budding authoress she always wanted to be. But more on that in my “Who Am I” page.

However, much of my writing inspiration comes from my past life memories. I have become (by accident and past life memory surfacing) a Past Life Regression Practitioner and Therapist. In our past lives, we delve into the soul memories of our experiences, which make us who we are. Every experience adds to our DNA which is not just a collection of molecules which makes us the physical entity who we are, it is also at soul / spirit level that we are pre-programmed to like / dislike mathematics, or flowers, or beaches over rain forests and so much more.

So, in remembering my past lives, I am creating stories to form novels. Fictionalising them to protect the innocent – just in case any spirit souls catch my drift and recognise themselves. I will Show, not tell how we move around in the time continuum, life after life during our unique individual timeline. I have called my series Thymeline, which is a pun for in my DNA. It appears I am also a healer, having used herbs, oils and essences in many of my own past lives as tools of healing.

Now here I am in 2023… writing, seering, and reading.