Rediscovering Narramine – Thymeline Series

First Draft Due October 2021



What happens when you arrive at the end of the story and find that it is only the beginning. That in order to find what happens in the beginning, you must dig in the dirt and dust, find all the pieces of the puzzle, and put them together to form the big picture so you can see what has really happened. Thus, is the story of “Rediscovering Narramine “.

It is the story of Sandre, an archaeologist who teams up with her archaeologist and historian husband along with five other archaeologists and a team of scientists to find the history of the island of Narramine. The mystery surrounding this great island has long been conjectured by the wider historical community. There appears no formal records, very few artefacts and, to date, little evidence that there was ever a race of peoples living there.

That being said, many people have had memories surfacing of late regarding the history of a forgotten piece of land that had wars, monarchs, wizardry, and magic upon it. Some came up with laughable claims of a race of giants, little people, warlocks and even dragons having once lived upon this island. Others claimed they came from a race of peoples known as the Godt. Called Demi-Gods, these people would watch from the Heavens above over all the land and stick their noses into everyone’s business. But one story that was viral throughout the memories is one of an ugly old woman with serpents through her hair and standing in the centre of a bevy of beautiful pure white women who were said to be her eyes and could see through dimensions to distinguish between the truths.

It would take many visions and sudden events to prompt Sandre into taking action to find out more about this land and its deep mysteries. Along the way, she would embark on a journey of self-discovery to find out that indeed she once had been the last of her line. The last of the Queens, and a very special descendant of one Goddess left behind from days gone, aeons ago.