Do you believe in reincarnation? Soul / Spirit living different lives? How about ghosts? Spirits that have been Earthbound over many years hopping into a living soul to continue the life of a person? Well, I am writing a series that will challenge your beliefs in this way and perhaps in other ways as well.

The warm night air coveted all those who slept in this tiny man-made village. Blanketing like thick fog, making it unbearable to breathe. Sweat beads poured off Sandre’s legs, causing her to mimic the movement of swiping a mosquito away. Her face wasn’t much better. It felt like the moisture had enveloped her body and poured off in tiny droplets while she slept. Which, of course, is what happened. She was breathing the moist air, and it was salty. She licked her lips unconsciously, unknowingly, trying to savor the taste on the tip of her tongue.
A fly landed on her nose and lifted its head to the air. To taste the air. There was no breeze.
The sound, a tune wound its way around her, curving its existence along the curves of her body. Tickling her, along her smooth skin, from her feet to her head. She flinched as she flicked off the flies which landed to drink of her body sweat. It was a long night. This night would not be hers.

You see, I do believe in reincarnation. In fact, many of my poems, short stories and novels are based on my past lives… if not all of them, for that matter. Including some that are more modern based on this life of mine spanning the Twentieth and twenty-first centuries. I am including some of my poetry in this site as well as short stories. So do visit often and look up the freebies in the menu.

I took the above quote from Book 7’s (which incidentally can also read as the first book) first chapter. It is hot in Narramine. Just look up at the image header and you will know how hot it is. How desolate. By the time they rediscover Narramine, many of the old mountains are gone. Only red dirt remains – some of it baked earth and as hard as concrete bunker walls nine feet deep. Water cannot seep through. But don’t take my word for it…. read on…