Welcome to the World of Reincarnation
Have you ever been somewhere and thought “I know this place.” Even though you have never been there before? Perhaps you know the layout of a building – house or office and yet you have not been inside it before – in this lifetime, Welcome to the World of Reincarnation!
Where the Past is Yesterday, Last week, Last month Last Year, Last Century and more!
Where the Present is Today!
Where the Future is tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next century and more!

Sandy Cee
Writer | Reader | Seer!

People are important. Meeting them and interacting with them is important. Getting to know them is more important. How can we understand them if we do not know them?
Working in the business as partner to mentor, Greg Cohen, she grew emotionally and spiritually to follow her own path in her writing career. She has co-authored, edited, and written many self-help manuals, books, and articles on topics from Jewellery Making to Tarot Card Reading, Spiritual Healing and much more.


Current WIPs in the thymeline series

Thymeline – The Three Pillars

A new time, a new place in the new universal plain. In the beginning of time, Jem-God arrives to claim his prize. His new creation called Narramine – the new planet that will be the new Earth. But not like the old one. This time he will have his new woman with him to join hands and partner with him to build his new creation – the new peoples. Everything will be new. With any luck – some children of his own this time. 

The Birth of Isis

With the birth of Isis – the Oracle Child everything is different. People come to her for their knowledge. For the wisdom that she possesses. For the vision that she sees with. She is a Holy Child of this land. People are no longer asking of Jem-God. They care only for the one they can see. They can hear. They know her. Even though she sits atop the mountain, and they must climb it to ask of her their questions, she is the One they trust. She is Isis – The Oracle.

Queen – The Spirit of Isis

Times are different. Isis’ spirit lives among them in the queen’s embodiment of Narramine. She is strong. She is all knowing. She has the vision and the wisdom of her past. Yet her name has changed. She is now known as Alexandrasis. She has daughters of her lineage and every one of her lineages possesses a part of the Spirit of Isis. The lineage is long and fruitful until the day comes when there is a boy child born unto the crown.

Emperor Alexander

A new king is born. He is named Horus. It is an untraditional name, for an untraditional birth. He is an untraditional king. Neither emperor nor king, yet HE is the One. Undenial truth is on his side. He sees like his mother before him. He has the Vision, the Knowledge and the Wisdom of his years. He is unlike any other royal before him – or after him for that matter. Yet he will spawn the future emperors and name them Alexander. For he has seen the future. He knows the Future.

The Boodline

From the first royal until the last, there has only been one blood. It spreads across the land of Narramine with the land that holds the rivers. It nourishes the land over which it flows. It nurtures the foliage upon the land that holds the seed of life – be it plant, animal or human. Sometimes even God – Jem-God sees the remnants of His handiwork. Yet it has dared to mix. To be contaminated with the blue bloods and the white. It is incomprehensible that this happen, yet it has happened. There is no going back. Time must move forward. He must see to it that the right souls are placed in the right levels. Where they can carry the blood forward and allow it to flow across the oceans, to distant lands and distant times. For there is much he hasn’t seen before. Now he sees. Now he knows. Now he must prepare for what lies ahead. 

Dispertion and Deluge

The great flood is something He tried to not have this time. Everything seemed to go along well, until…
But now, now He must disperse the people. His people. They must never be able to return to their seed. To the Motherland. It is imperative they be separate. They must leave. Everything hinges on this disbursement. 
Then there is the flood. So much water does inundate the land, mixes with the blood that must be spilled. Not everyone will be safe. Yet there are some who miraculously survive. He tries to save as many as he can of The Elders. The Angels see to it as they can. Yet it is too much – even for them. Even for those magnificently strong angels – not everyone can be saved. 
Who will be lost and saved at the same time?

Rediscovering Narramine

It is many years after the great deluge. After the dispersing of the people of Narramine. Now, this great land – is found. Re-found. Re-discovered. It is many years – the people are from different planets. They had dispersed and evolved and returned. Ghosts and relics resurface as if on queue to be refound, rediscovered. Irony uncovers the past and in doing so, uncovers the myths that were….
In the beginning was the Word. The Word is I.

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Imagine having lived before – in the past. It is not inconceivable that you have also lived in the future. While you are living in the past and the future, you are right here in a time looking at these words and wondering – “Have I lived before?”

Sandy Cee



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