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I’m an Oracle!

Sometimes we can only be awakened to our true calling by experiencing a Past Life Regression. This is an easy thing to do if you know of a PLRT (Past Life Regression Therapist). Otherwise, it is nigh impossible. Well, it happens that I am such a practitioner. The thing is I had to experience my own awakening before I knew this.

You see, something happened one day. It was sometime in the mid 1990’s. I was on my own home. Greg was on one of the selling trips interstate. I took my bangle off my wrist and moved it in semi-circles on the concrete of our verandah where I happened to be sitting, watching the world go by. I had no expectation really, n of o idea at all. The name of Zen came into my head and I had a sort of conversation with a spirit I wasn’t completely sure of at the time.

The Secret Gold Bangle

My bangle is 14kt Gold-filled and once belonged to my maternal grandmother. I always wanted a perfect round bangle like this, but never had one until this inheritance. My Nana was a true believer in the mysteries of life as well as a believer in mediumship. During my teenage years we went through some mysterious times to say the least with my uncle being seen in and Sydney. Oh, he was a long way from being dead, but he was AWOL to his family. Getting back to my bangle. I began using it to scry and receive answers to questions I asked in my mind. I was communicating with my newfound Spirit Friend named Zen. The bangle seemed to be the perfect piece to use. I just placed it flat on the table, placed two fingers on the rim and it would move. I didn’t require a Ouija Board at all.

The Ouija Board came

I decided I wanted a Ouija Board. It would be much easier to communicate with my Spirits. But how to get one, that was the dilemma. As though Spirit were listening to my thoughts, there happened to be a segment on the radio at the time – Buy Swap and Sell. A lady phoned up wanting to sell a Ouija Board. I wasted no time in phoning her and asking if I could buy it. Just in the next suburb of Campbelltown and could I pick it up that afternoon. She was giving it away to a good home if I came now to get it. So, two hours later I arrived home being the proud owner of a second hand, untested and preciously unwanted (and perhaps a tad haunted) Ouija board. I was tickled pink. But decided not to use it until I was on my own so I could ask the questions I wanted.

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