My first novel - part of a trilogy

  • Thymeline


    What can I say? Jem is God. God over all He surveyeth. God over the landeth, the seaeth, the aireth. I think you get the picture. Yes Jem loves to drop into this old Shakespearean type language. Of course, He…

  • Thymeline

    Thymeline Introduction

    Have you ever wondered if you had lived before? Been reincarnated to another time or place? Perhaps you were a colonist in early America or experiencing the Great Fire of London. Maybe you were born in the Indonesian foot hills,…

  • Thymeline

    Jem God

    It began before the beginning of time when Jem God came to this space with his chosen few so he could begin a whole new world that would be called N. Jem is my lovable and favourite character who just…